Understanding Younger-Onset Alzheimer's Disease


Nearly 5.4 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's disease. While most individuals are diagnosed after the age of 65, 4-10% have a form of the disease called Younger-Onset Alzheimer's disease (YOAD), also known as Early-Onset Alzheimer's. In this module you will learn about the prevalence, risk factors and symptoms of the disease, as well as the impact on individuals, families, caregivers and the support system.

1. Understand the disease, its prevalence, risk factors, and symptoms associated with younger-onset Alzheimer's disease.
2. Understand how younger-onset Alzheimer's disease impacts individual and family relationships, roles, and supportive service needs.
3. Explore the needs of caregivers for persons with younger-onset Alzheimer's disease.
4. Discuss ways that we can help improve services and supports for individuals with younger-onset Alzheimer's disease and their family members.