Time Management: Your Time, Your Priorities, Your Choice


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This course provided by the University of Minnesota School Of Public Health and will require a secondary login and/or registration.

Expand your awareness of time management practices and gain insights about the challenges you face in managing your time effectively. Identify tools to enhance your time management and minimize your time-related stress. Build a time management strategy and create an action plan to apply what you learn.

Presented by Jolene Shouman, Consultant and Founder of Innovative Performance Strategies, LLC.  

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Target Audience

This course is designed for public health professionals.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify their current time management strengths and opportunities for development.
  2. Recognize tasks over which they do and don't have control.
  3. Set priorities for managing their schedules and time.
  4. Apply time management principles, tips and tools in their daily roles.
  5. Commit to actions that will improve time management practices and minimize time-related stressors.

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0.175 CEU


1 hr.


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