The Off-Site Care Facility - An Alternative Care Site: A Primer for Volunteers


This training provides an overview of the general operations of an off-site care facility (also referred to as Alternate Care Site). It is an orientation for individuals who may be asked to work in these facilities during an emergency. The program is intended to complement “just in time” training provided on site at the time of the emergency.

Participants are eligible to receive up to 0.1 CEU or 1.0 contact hour for completion of training including pre-test, post-test and evaluation.

Learning Objectives - Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be able to describe:

An off-site care facility or Alternate Care Site and its purpose in a public health emergency
The preparation of the volunteer, including credentialing and personal preparedness, prior to deployment to an off-site care facility
The concept of the incident command structure as it applies to an off-site care facility
Basic or austere medical care provided in an Off-Site Care Facility and the rationale for this type of medical treatment, and
Standard Precautions and infection control practices