The Messenger Chronicles: Effective Communication Strategies for Difficult Conversations -- Introduction and the Four C's


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The “Messenger Chronicles: Effective communication strategies for difficult conversations” presents a new framework for communication in difficult situations. This framework shifts focus away from managing “difficult” people towards an understanding of the process of difficult conversations and accepting responsibility for one’s own performance.

Given realistic situations and real-world conversations, learners will experience communication strategies and practical techniques in context.

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Target Audience
This course is designed for educators and trainers, nurses, and general public health staff.

Learning Objectives
List the four aspects of communication (content, context, conduct, and character) for which individuals are responsible.

  1. Describe each step in the process of a difficult conversation.
  2. Describe strategies for effective conversations.
  3. Analyze conversations in terms of content, context, conduct, and character.
  4. Become more aware of their individual communication performance and strive for higher levels of performance.

COL Competencies/COL Tier(s)

  1. 3A.2 (Tier 1) Communicates in writing and orally with linguistic and cultural proficiency (e.g., using age-appropriate materials, incorporating images)
  2. 3A.3 (Tier 1) Solicits input from individuals and organizations (e.g., chambers of commerce, religious organizations, schools, social service organizations, hospitals, government, community-based organizations, various populations served) for improving the health of a community
  3. 3A.7 (Tier 1) Facilitates communication among individuals, groups, and organizations
  4. 5A.7 (Tier 1) Collaborates with community partners to improve health in a community (e.g., participates in committees, shares data and information, connects people to resources)
  5. 8A.4 (Tier 1) Contributes to development of a vision for a healthy community (e.g., emphasis on prevention, health equity for all, excellence and innovation)

Professional/Disciplinary Competencies

Online Course/Self-study

Credit /CEU
1 Continuing Health Education Contact Hours (CHES)
1 Continuing Medical Education (CME)
1 Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Contact Hours

0.5-1 hrs.

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