Study Types in Epidemiology


Let's say you're reading a report in which researchers used a case-control study. If you're not sure what that means, this module is for you. Epidemiologic studies are categorized as either descriptive or analytic, and in this module, the main elements of descriptive and analytic epidemiology and their associated study types are described briefly and clearly. In addition to case-control studies, you'll also learn about eight other commonly used study types, including the basics of each type of study and how each is used.

After completing this module, you should be able to:

* List the differences between descriptive and analytic epidemiology
* Describe the main types of epidemiologic studies and their uses
* Identify and provide examples of person, place, and time in descriptive studies
* Describe the main differences among case-control, cohort studies, and environmental studies

Public health professionals who want to increase their familiarity with the basic concepts of epidemiology. It is recommended that people be familiar with material presented in the following modules: What is Epidemiology in Public Health? and Data Interpretation for Public Health Professionals.