Spirituality, Healthcare and Aging


The definitions of spirituality have been changing over time, and are increasingly considered important related to mental and physical health. This module is designed for healthcare service workers to familiarize them with the issues related to the care of those who are at mid-life and beyond, and the importance of spirituality in individual care. Through this module, students will explore the definition of individual spirituality, and how spirituality interacts with healthcare, loss and grief, and aging.

1. Recognize the importance of spirituality in the disease process.
2. Develop awareness of the role of loss as it applies to the spiritual life of the aging individual.
3. Distinguish between individual spirituality and religion as it pertains to the aging population.
4. Assess the importance of spirituality in the older adult's life, and what gives that individual hope.
5. Be aware of the spiritual benefits of various coping mechanisms including Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Prayer, and Self-Compassion.
6. Recognize that aging and spirituality within an individual is a mixed emotional journey based upon the individual's life history