Sexuality in Later Life


Sexuality in later life has long been a taboo topic, rarely discussed and largely unappreciated. While this may be true, we know that older adults can remain sexually active across the later years of life and that sexuality can be an important component of overall life satisfaction. In this module, we will examine the myths and realities of sexuality in later life, explore definitions, facts, and figures, and learn about the physical and psychosocial factors that impact sexuality in later life. We will also look at ways that we can help older adults to continue to express their sexuality with dignity, privacy, and confidence.

1. Discuss ways that we can help older adults express their sexuality and continue to remain sexually active in later life.
2. Explore special populations of older adults and special issues related to sexuality.
3. Understand how physical and psychosocial changes associated with aging impact sexuality in later life for women and men.
4. Learn about the myths, facts, and realities regarding sexuality in later life.