Sedgwick County MMRS: Mass Pharmaceutical Dispensing Medication Preparation Video



This course is provided by Kansas Department of Health and Environment and will require a secondary registration.

Participants viewing the Sedgwick County MMRS Mass Pharmaceutical Dispensing - Medication Preparation training will:
1. Develop a understanding of the step-by-step process for preparing Doxycycline antibiotic for dispensing to the public;
2. Visualize materials, equipment, and supplies needed for preparation of Doxycycline to the public;
3. Understand the circumstances and necessity for development of a mass medication dispensing process.

The Mass Pharmaceutical Distribution Medication Preparation Instructional Video was created by Sedgwick County MMRS as a way to train volunteers and just-in-time workers. It details the step-by-step medication preparation process for preparing Doxycycline. This video (VHS and DVD format) is available for purchase along with the Mass Pharmaceutical Distribution/Dispensing Instruction and Operations Guide.