Public Health to the Rescue: Emergency Response is Now a Core Function


This program will examine the roles played by three state public health agencies in the response and recovery phases of Hurricane Katrina, specifically with respect to the public health core functions. The State Health Officers from Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi will discuss how their agencies roles in assessment, policy development, and assurance were affected by this disaster. They will discuss as a group: what worked and what didn't; and what should be modified for the future. Since each state and agency was affected by the Hurricane in a different way, the roles these organizations assumed were different as well. There are valuable lessons to be learned by not only reviewing the response by agencies directly involved in the disaster, but also from neighboring states that provided support and assistance. NOTE: This course was originally delivered as a satellite broadcast.

Learning Objectives:
• Describe the role of a public health agency in a regional disaster response.
• Recognize the complexity of emergency response in a public health agency.
• Determine how a public health agency refines operations to allow a more effective response following a disaster.