Practicing Cross-Cultural Communication: The Bamboo Dragon


This training is provided by the New York New Jersey Public Health Training Center and will require a secondary registration.

"Communicate to Make a Difference: Practicing Cross-Cultural Communication" is a collection of case studies that examine the practical application of the "Ten Strategies for Effective Cross-Cultural Communication," as described in the "Exploring Cross-Cultural Communication" training. One of the essential services of public health is to enforce laws and regulations that protect health and ensure safety. "The Bamboo Dragon" begins with the health inspection of an Asian restaurant. Can the stakeholders overcome the barriers to communication that cultural differences have created?
Target Audience

Public health professionals including nurses, physicians, health educators.

After working through this module, "The Bamboo Dragon," you will be better able to apply the following skills in your daily work:

* Distinguish cultural perspectives.
* Avoid culturally insensitive language and behaviors.
* Recognize the complexity of cross-cultural communication.
* Respect cultural differences.
* Build self-awareness.
* Ask questions to develop cultural knowledge.
* Avoid stereotyping.