Overview of Community Management of Patients in Disaster


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Disaster imposes adverse consequences upon community populations in several different but synergistic ways. The physical infrastructure of the community may be disrupted and its capability in providing basic elements of the population at risk’s Hierarchy of Needs may be impaired. Vulnerabilities inherent in the community population may be revealed as compensatory day to day practices for their mitigation are weakened or become impossible. Finally, the disaster itself may cause additional injuries to the population whose urgent remedy may be significant or critical.


The South Central Public Health Partnership’s Learning Management System provides primary care practitioners and support personnel convenient access to authoritative educational resources designed to efficiently develop and enable their responder skills in creating community resilience and response capability.


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Having completed this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Review current risks and consequences in the realm of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism in the context of enabling the designing and execution of timely and effective community mitigation

  2. Identify and analyze current shortfalls in community disaster planning with specific recommendations for improved doctrine and practice

  3. Provide an effective overview of significant evolving challenges in disaster management facing communities, describing their nature, analyzing their perils, investigating potential impacts on population vulnerabilities, and providing operational models for their management


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