Outbreak at Watersedge


High school guidance counselors or undergraduate advisors who want to guide students with an interest in science and/or health careers to explore their options for further education;
Students who want to know more about the field of public health and other health careers;
Science teachers who want to introduce students to the basic principles used to investigate disease outbreaks; and
As a means for students to develop their verbal or written communication skills (e.g., draft press releases about the outbreak or stage a mock press conference), to explore laboratory processes (e.g., discuss how specimens are collected, stained, and categorized to identify the etiology of a disease), or to explore environmental health issues (e.g., how environmental contamination occurs and what steps communities can take to prevent this).
Game players will:
Apply their investigative skills to discover the source of the outbreak and stop it before more Watersedge residents get sick;
Learn how public health professionals investigate disease outbreaks;
Discover how the roles of public health professionals promote health and prevent illness.
Goals and Objectives
The overall goal of this game is to:

Introduce the player to various professional roles within the field of public health;
Expose the player to basic epidemiological principles and methods of investigation, data gathering, data interpretation, and point source contamination; and
Provide the player with resources to further explore the field of public health.
By playing this game, the student will be able to:

Identify specific jobs within the career field of public health; and
Locate resources for further exploration of this prospective area of study.
Roles Introduced
Environmental Health Specialist
Health Educator
Public Health Nurse
Public Health Information Officer
Health Planner
Age range
This game is appropriate for any player who is old enough to be considering career choices or who has an interest in solving mysteries.