New Public Health Administrators Series: Contracts


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This course is provided by the Heartland Centers.

This course is part of a series of programs intended for public health administrators, and nurse administrators, who are relatively new in their positions (3 years or less), and who seek to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to succeed. The course discusses the major elements of a contract, the major guidelines for writing an effective contracts, and & at least two examples of actual contracts used by a local public health.

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Target Audience

This course is designed for public health administrators, and nurse administrators.

Learning Objectives

none listed

COL Competencies/COL Tier(s)

  1. 5A.1 (Tier 1): Describes the programs and services provided by governmental and non-governmental organizations to improve the health of a community
  2. 3A.5 (Tier 1) Conveys data and information to professionals and the public using a variety of approaches (e.g., reports, presentations, email, letters)
  3. 2A.7 (Tier 1) Describes implications of policies, programs, and services
  4. 2A.4 (Tier 1) Contributes to development of program goals and objectives
  5. 2A.9 (Tier 1) Explains the importance of evaluations for improving policies, programs, and services

Professional/Disciplinary Competencies

Community Health Center Core Competency Model (CHCM)

  1. 070: Conduct process evaluation to monitor implementation Competency



Credit /CEU



1.5 hrs.


Required: Java Script, Real Player or Windows Media Player

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