Managing, Motivating and Integrating a Multi Generational Workforce


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A 30-year-old manager in charge of employees who have worked in the same positions since he was still in diapers is not just a plot in a Hollywood comedy, its standard operating procedure at many companies across the nation.

Just as prevalent is a manager nearing retirement charged with leading a group of recent post-grads who are too inexperienced to even know they are inexperienced. Workplaces today are generational melting pots and knowing how to properly manage and motivate individuals with distinct experiences, values, and needs can mean the difference between a profitable company and one that fails to thrive. Never before has there been such a diversity of generations in the workforce as the Veterans (1922 – 1946), the Boomers (1946 – 1963), the Xers (1963 – 1980), and the Nexters (1980 – 2000) fill offices throughout the country.

Managing, Motivating and Integrating Your Multigenerational Workforce teaches company leaders how to effectively manage today's multigenerational workforce by first understanding the unique values and needs that fuel the beliefs and behaviors of each generation while teaching strategies for good employee relations between all generations. NOTE: This course has a $195 fee.

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Target Audience
This course is designed for supervisors, department managers, and leaders who are trying to implement change across their organizations.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discover what drives the new generations.
  2. Understand the typical traits, expectations and needs of the various generations that coexist in the workplace.
  3. Recognize the impact and effect of generational values in the workplace
  4. Learn how to effectively motivate, coach and develop employees from different generations.
  5. Understand how the various generations can coexist for maximum results

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