Managing the Revenue Cycle


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Managing the Revenue Cycle highlights the many aspects of the revenue cycle including accounts receivable. Proactive health centers are actively seeking ways to improve financial performance in order to continue to provide excellent service to their patients. Effectively managing the health center’s revenue cycle is an essential step in this process. This presentation is designed to provide the attendee with the fundamentals needed to be successful in this endeavor.  

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Target Audience

This course is designed for health center staff.

Learning Objectives

  1. Ideas for improving front office processes that affect billing and collections outcomes
  2. Duties and responsibilities of an effective CHC billing department
  3. Processes that improve collections efforts Third-party claim denial management strategies and tools

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Community Health Center Core Competency Model

  1. F5: Provide and/or support effective public and primary health services within budget constraints.


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1 hr.


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