Management Styles that Work Best for Each of the Four Generations in the Workplace


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This session is designed to help you manage more effectively by being able to differentiate between each generation and adapt to their style and outlook and capitalize on their strengths. No individual wants to be stereotyped, but there is a value in understanding the commonalties and differences between generations in order to utilize each one's strengths and promote a mutual respect for what each brings to the workplace. This webinar should help you develop the best approach to maximize the abilities in a diverse workforce. NOTE: This course has a $195 fee.

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Target Audience
This course is designed for human resource professionals, administrators, supervisors, and all levels of management responsible for recruiting, training, developing, motivating, and supervising employees..

Learning Objectives

  1. Profile of Each Generation
  2. Work Ethic
  3. Leadership Styles
  4. Communication Styles
  5. View of Authority
  6. Strengths and Challenges
  7. Relationships that Work
  8. Perspective
  9. Turnoffs
  10. Best practices for working effectively with each generation

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