Legal Basis for Population Health: P5- Contracting with the Private Sector


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This self-paced course is the five part of a five-part series on The Legal Basis for Population Health: A Guide for Practitioners.

Part 5 will cover legal issues involved in contracting with the private sector. These are critical issues at a time when the private sector will occupy a much more active and prominent role in providing public health services. Public health practitioners need to understand the legal basis of private contracts, how to monitor a contract, what kinds of terms you should include in that contract, and what kinds of objectives you expect private contractors to achieve.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Summarize the constitutional authority and limits on governmental intervention in public health (e.g., individual rights vs. society's rights) Apply a framework for analyzing the interaction between law and public health Interpret legal documents
  2. Recognize legal issues that require communication with attorneys
  3. Analyze the process of public health regulation from a variety of agencies (e.g., state health department, department of environmental quality, local government) Describe potential legal barriers to public health strategies
  4. Apply the Michigan Public Health Code in work situations.

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