Legal Basis For Population Health: Part 1 - Administrative Authority


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Course Description:
This self-paced course is the first part of a five-part series on The Legal Basis for Population Health: A Guide for Practitioners. Part 1 will cover the nature and scope of the public health authority and the administrative process.

This course will cover the regulatory authority and basis for legal actions for those working as public health practitioners, with a focus on how to apply Michigan's public health code. Participants will learn how to recognize legal issues, read legal documents, and communicate with attorneys. By viewing video presentations, participating in readings and exercises, participants will examine the legal basis of population health and how it shapes public health responsibilities. Participants will apply legal concepts to situations they routinely face.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this series participants will be able to:

Summarize the constitutional authority and limits on governmental intervention in public health (e.g., individual rights vs. society's rights)
Apply a framework for analyzing the interaction between law and public health
Interpret legal documents
Recognize legal issues that require communication with attorneys
Analyze the process of public health regulation from a variety of agencies (e.g., state health department, department of environmental quality, local government)
Describe potential legal barriers to public health strategies
Apply the Michigan Public Health Code in work situations