Introduction to Applied Financial Management


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This five module introductory-level course increases participants’ awareness of key financial management concepts for local public health agencies including, but not limited to: budgeting, auditing, financial analysis, and forecasting. The course is delivered in an online, self-study format and takes approximately three hours to complete. While some of the examples provided within the course are Ohio-specific, the concepts have broad application.


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Target Audience

This course is designed for professionals who are new to applied public health financial management or those who are interested in a review of key financial management concepts.


Learning Objectives

Having completed this course, the learner will be able to:

Module 1:

  1. List the key functions of applied public health financial management
  2. Describe the key functions of applied public health financial management
  3. Employ a fiscal office matrix tool to examine key functions in your agency’s fiscal office


Module 2:

  1. Define key budgeting terms and concepts
  2. Differentiate between types of budgets and when to use them appropriately
  3. Develop a programmatic budget
  4. Describe the appropriations process used by local health districts in Ohio Identify how to use a budget variance report to monitor compliance with the budget


Council of Linkages Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (COL)/COL Tier(s)

  1. 7A.5 (Tier 1): Contributes to development of program budgets
  2. 7A.6 (Tier 1): Provides information for proposals for funding (e.g., foundations, government agencies, corporations)
  3. 7A.8 (Tier 1): Describe the financial analysis methods used in making decisions about policies, programs, and services
  4. 7A.9 (Tier 1): Operates programs within budget


Professional/Disciplinary Competencies

Public Health Accreditation Board

  1. 11.2: Establish an effective financial management system





Credit /CEU

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15 hrs.



Required: Java Script, Real Player or Windows Media Player


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