Improving Understanding and Collaboration Among First Responders


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This course is provided by John Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness and will require a secondary login and/or registration.


In this unique training, three speakers (Maureen Hennessy Benson, Dave Blodgett, and Sheldon Greenberg) speak about the "institutional culture" of five responder groups: law enforcement, EMS, fire, public health, and private security in an attempt at fostering understanding among these groups.


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Learning Objectives

Having completed this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Define each of the nine steps in the pre-event, event, and post-event states

  2. Describe how each of the four first responder groups handles the nine steps

  3. Demonstrate an understanding of each responder group’s institutional "culture"

  4. Describe how the responder groups are similar and how they differ


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