Health Literacy for Public Health Professionals


Description: To educate public health professionals on the importance of health literacy and their role in providing health information and services and promoting public health literacy. This course consists of a brief introduction followed by three lessons. Within these lessons there are video clips, case studies, and knowledge check questions.

Learning Objectives:
Lesson 1
• Define health literacy.
• Identify factors that influence health literacy.
• Recognize who is affected by health literacy.

Lesson 2
• Recognize the consequences of limited health literacy.
• Determine who are stakeholders in health literacy improvement.
• Recognize the role of health literacy in meeting core public health service goals.

Lesson 3
• Apply lessons learned to improve health literacy.
• Identify guiding principles and practical strategies for improving health literacy.

Target Audience: Public Health professionals and students

Competencies Addressed:
Council on Linkages between Academia and Public Health Practice
• 3A1. Identify health literacy
• 3A2. Communicate proficiently
• 3B1. Assess population health literacy
• 3B2. Communicate with proficiency
• 3C1. Ensures that the health literacy of populations served is considered
• 3C2. Communicates in writing and orally with linguistic and cultural proficiency
• 3C7. Communicates the role of public health

Course Duration (Hours): 1.25