Food Security Training


This course offers an introduction to food security for state and local sanitarians, USDA FSIS field inspectors, and HHS FDA field inspectors. With the current threat of terrorism against the US, it is critical that the food industry – from growers to retail – be aware of the threat and of the guidance materials available from regulatory agencies to help address food security concerns. Food Security and training experts from FDA and USDA wrote and approved the course.

Course Description:
Federal, state, and local officials should know how to identify potential risks to food security in food industry establishments. They should also be able to encourage food security awareness in the employees and management of food industry establishments. After completing this course, students will have an increased awareness of the threat of intentional contamination of the US food supply. Specific portions of the food industry will learn about their unique responsibilities in reducing the risk of intentional contamination of the food supply. This course will focus on prevention of, rather than reaction to, intentional contamination.