Facilitator Training


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This course provided by the South Central Public Health Partnership and may require a secondary registration and/or login.

In this course, the instructor will introduce methods and strategies used in facilitating meetings, workshops, tabletop exercises, and other events.

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Target Audience

This course is designed for administration, public health administrators and leadership, and the general public health workforce.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the roles of a facilitator
  2. Identify the four principles of adult learning
  3. Understand the three stages of facilitation

COL Competencies/COL Tier(s)

  1. 3A.2 (Tier 1): Communicates in writing and orally with linguistic and cultural proficiency (e.g., using age-appropriate materials, incorporating images)
  2. 3A.5 (Tier 1): Conveys data and information to professionals and public using a variety of approaches (e.g., reports, presentations, email, letters)
  3. 3A.6 (Tier 1): Communicates information to influence behavior and improve health (e.g., uses social marketing methods, considers behavioral theories such as the Health Belief Model or Stages of Change

Professional/Disciplinary Competencies

Association of Teachers in Maternal and Child Health (ATMCH), Maternal and Child Health Competencies (MCH)

  1. C12: Effective written and oral communication skills, including accurate and effective preparation and presentation of reports to agency boards, administrative organizations, legislative bodies, consumers, and/or the media using demographic, statistical, programmatic, and scientific information.
  2. C13: Use appropriate techniques for development and dissemination of professional development and continuing education programs for MCH professionals.



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Required: Java Script, Real Player or Windows Media Player

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