Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Training


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Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication is the application of evidence-based principles to effectively communicate during emergencies. These principles are used by public health professionals and public information officers to provide information that helps individuals, stakeholders, and entire communities make the best possible decisions for themselves and their loved ones. CERC recognizes that during emergencies, we work under impossible time constraints and must accept the imperfect nature of our choices. CERC draws from lessons learned during public health emergencies and research in the fields of public health and emergency risk communication. The CERC program consists of 1) training, 2) resources, and 3) shared learning.                                                                                                 

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Target Audience

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Learning Objectives

Having completed this course, the learner will be able to:

1. The psychology of a severe pandemic and what kinds of messages the public will need from their public health professionals

2. Why Stigmatization occurs and how officials can respond and discourage it

3. The importance of strengthening community hardiness and personal resilience to provide the optimum opportunity for recovery from the crisis

4. Distinguish which populations will be unable to receive general public health emergency messages related to pandemic influenza through mass communication channels during the initial phase of a public health emergency

5. How information technology and the new media influence communication decisions and pandemic preparedness

Council of Linkages Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (COL)/COL Tier(s)

  1. 3A.2 (Tier 1): Communicate proficiently
  2. 3A.4 (Tier 1): Convey public health information
  3. 3A.6 (Tier 1): Apply communication strategies
  4. 3B.2 (Tier 2): Communicate with proficiency
  5. 3B.4 (Tier 2): Disseminate public health information

Professional/Disciplinary Competencies

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Credit /CEU

  1. CEU: 0.2
  2. CECH: 2.5
  3. CPH: 3


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