Crisis Management


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This course is provided by South Central Public Health Partnership and will require a secondary login and/or registration.

The purpose of this course is to understand the management issues in disaster and its outcomes through examining the crisis cycle involved in risk audit, mitigation, preparedness planning, impact of the crisis event, response and recovery. Exercises and discussion will be incorporated as part of the discussion of each of the crisis phases.                                                                                                

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Target Audience

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Learning Objectives

Having completed this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Understand the crisis cycle
  2. Distinguish between crises and the response to them
  3. Define the stages in emergency preparedness planning
  4. Understand the importance of mitigation in the planning and response to disaster
  5. Determine the phases in management and response to a disaster
  6. Explore the transition from response to recovery

Council of Linkages Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (COL)/COL Tier(s)

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Professional/Disciplinary Competencies

  1. 3.2: Contribute expertise to the development of emergency plans
  2. 3.3: Participate in improving the organization’s capacities (including, but not limited to program’s plans, policies, laws, and workforce training)



Credit /CEU

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3 hrs.


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