Caring for Difficult Patients


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Patients can be difficult for a variety of reasons: personal, psychological, medical. While the reasons for a patient’s behavior vary, the one thing that’s constant is the notion that at some point, you will care for a difficult patient. So how do you provide them with clinically and ethically sound care? Program faculty will discuss this and offer suggestions on how to create a more positive environment for your difficult patient’s care.

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Target Audience
This course is designed for nurses and home care staff.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify medical and caregiver situations that increase stress.
  2. Develop ways to respond to patients and caregivers exhibiting stress.
  3. Identify negative behaviors associated with dementia and delirium.
  4. Identify negative behaviors related to depression and learn ways to communicate with depressed patients.
  5. Develop methods to better communicate and care for patients with dementia and delirium.

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2 hrs.

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