Beyond Numbers: Qualitative Research Methods, Application and Analysis


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Description: Qualitative research methods, in combination with quantitative research methods, can enhance program planning, monitoring and evaluation. This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to identify appropriate methods for collecting qualitative data, develop and conduct a qualitative research plan, and gain an appreciation of the role qualitative research methods can play in understanding public health and related issues.

This online, mentored course will survey health behavior theories and models, types of qualitative research methods, analysis of qualitative data, and application of participatory research methods. Through readings, videos and hands-on exercises, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the development of semi-structured interview guides, the complexities of coding and textual analysis, and selection of participatory methods. Over the seven weeks of the course, there are presentations, readings, class discussions, and course assignments.

Course registration fee includes course binder containing readings and assignments (if mailed within the U.S.), a CD-ROM with course media, access to the online course management system, toll-free conference calls, as well as learning and technical support.

Learning Objectives:
• Recognize at least three health behavioral theories and models which may guide research
• Describe three strengths and weaknesses of two major qualitative research methods
• Demonstrate how participatory research methods are used in public health
• Apply two qualitative research methods for data gathering
• Formulate a coding scheme for interviews and focus groups

Target Audience: Practitioners in the fields of public health and related fields are encouraged to register. Previous experience with qualitative research methods is not required.

Competencies Addressed:
Community Health Center Core Competency Model
• All Information Technology Domain Competencies