New Public Health Administrators Series: Knowledge of Public Health


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Course Description
There are three sections in this course:

  1. Historical Causes of Death & the Components of the Public Health System
  2. The Ten Essential Services & Three Core Functions of Public Health
  3. The Challenges of the Public Health System

There are practice exercises at the end of each clip. These practice exercises will provide you with an opportunity to apply the material presented in the clips. All clips are part of a presentation by Christopher Atchison, Clinical Professor at the Department of Health Management & Policy and Associate Dean for Public Health Practice at the University of Iowa.

Target Audience
This course is part of a series of programs intended for public health administrators, and nurse administrators, who are relatively new in their positions (3 years or less), and who seek to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to succeed. The course discusses the cause of disease and protection/prevention measures, components of the Public Health system, the Ten Essential Services and the three core functions of Public Health, & challenges for the public health system.

Learning Objectives
After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Discuss causes of disease and protection/prevention measures
  2. List components of the public health system
  3. Describe the Ten Essential Services and the three core functions of public health
  4. Discuss challenges for the public health system

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