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Strategic planning. You know you should be doing more of it. But the way you normally do it requires lots of up-front time to do and lots of follow-up time to get buy-in. And frankly, you have trouble with the buy-in part. All that trouble, minimal follow-through.


Great strategic planning processes are lightweight and participatory. This is nice-to-have for organizations, and it's critical for networks, where you don't have the benefit of hierarchy to influence its behavior. Networks will do what they do.


In this Leadership Learning Community webinar, I describe how to do strategic planning for networks. I draw heavily from my experience leading the open strategic planning process for the Wikimedia movement, which drew over 1,000 participants and led to a movement-wide shift in focus on increasing reach and participation in developing countries. I share how you can leverage these types of processes for both your network and your organization


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