8 Steps to Building and Sustaining Effective Coalitions


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Have you ever tried to convince your health director, mayor, school board, minister, or business owner to support your community coalition? It’s not always easy, especially if he or she is not convinced that working in partnership is the best approach. This presentation will help you define coalitions, learn when and how to use them, and provide eight steps for building effective coalitions that promote health, a healthy environment, and prevent disease. By focusing on these steps, your coalition will be poised to reach its goals and sustain itself for the long haul. **NOTE – This course was originally delivered as a satellite broadcast.


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Learning Objectives

Having completed this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Describe three characteristics of effective coalitions.
  2. Recount three successes and three barriers to coalition effectiveness and their resolutions.
  3. Identify eight essential steps for building and sustaining effective coalitions.
  4. Learn valuable lessons from actual community coalitions


Council of Linkages Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (COL)/COL Tier(s)

Council on Linkages between Academia and Public Health Practice

  1. 2A7 (Tier 1): Incorporates policies and procedures into program plans and structures
  2. 3C3 (Tier 3): Ensures that the public health organization seeks input from other organizations and individuals
  3. 5C11 (Tier 3): Evaluates the effectiveness of community engagement strategies on public health policies, programs, and resources
  4. 8B3 (Tier 2): Participates with stakeholders in identifying key values and a shared vision as guiding principles for community action


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